The 8-Step
Mental Health Guide

Recover from your past. Reclaim your true self. Live with purpose.

Understand how your past affects who you are and how you experience the world.

Learn practical tools to unlearn patterns that keep you stuck and live in the present.

Set a plan to pursue your goals by identifying your values, dreams, and purpose.

Explore your past

Live the present

Navigate your future


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The 8-Steps Help You:

Thoughtful questions to encourage deeper self-reflection and explore your patterns.

Education on your mind-body connection supported by neuroscience and psychological research.

Journal Prompts

Guided Exercises

Practical mental health tools to cope with triggers and learn new responses.

Action Plans

Life coaching directives to help you plan, keep you accountable and create new habits.

Visual Arts

Curated images to evoke deeper insights, mental clarity, and inner calm.


“The Indwell Guide has been a labor of love. We launched our passion project on Kickstarter in May 2020 and fully got funded within 72 hours! We are so grateful to our backers in making our dreams a reality. We all grew up having no idea how to navigate our mental health as it was never taught or modeled for us in our homes and communities. Caring for our mental health was more often about crisis intervention than it was nurturing our well-being. Stigma, financial limitations, external pressures, and limited access to culturally affirming care were real barriers.  

With the younger versions of us in mind, we created the guide we wish we always had. We envisioned this guide to sit on people's coffee tables, reminding everyone that mental health should be a part of the conversations in our everyday lives. We are so excited to share this guide and make inner wellness within reach.”

— Hatty, ReeJae & Esther

Inner Wellness Within Reach

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20 years combined

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To fully inhabit your home within

Journey home to your true self through the 8-steps as we provide you with mental health tools to recover from your past, reclaim your true self, and live with purpose.

inner wellness




Disclaimer: This is NOT a replacement for psychotherapy, a therapeutic relationship, or medical advice, but supports self-discovery, personal growth, and well-being.