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Hatty (she/her) is a marriage and family therapist and Brainspotting practitioner who has been practicing for over a decade. As the founder of a thriving group practice in Los Angeles, California, she has met with over a thousand people from diverse backgrounds in psychotherapy, counseling groups, and wellness workshops. She supports people to deepen connection with themselves and the most important people in their lives. She also writes about mental health on her Instagram account @hattyjlee and her work has been featured in multiple editorials, including Women's Health Magazine and Reader's Digest.  

ReeJae (she/her) is a master certified life coach who received her training under the International Coaching Federation. Her practice, CreateFull primarily focuses on her expertise in leadership and career coaching. She helps individuals become unstuck and guides them to reach their full potential by helping them identify their dreams, strengths, and roadblocks so that they can reach their personal and professional goals. Alongside her passion for coaching, ReeJae is a Design Director and has been in the creative industry for over a decade and had the honor of designing the Indwell Guide. 

Esther (she/her) has been a visual artist professionally for over a decade and has worked with brands such as Muji and Marie Kondo. She considers creativity as a lifestyle, bringing her perception of people, things, and places together to reveal the beauty of humanity through photography. In addition to nurturing her online community @eslee, she teaches workshops to help people unlock the power of their voice through photography. Her style is sophisticated, minimal, and surreal, but is constantly evolving with her as she encounters new parts of herself.

Hatty J Lee, MS, LMFT

ReeJae Chi, MCLC

Esther Lee, (Eslee)

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visual artist

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